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How the logo design approval process works

When people buy from our logo design store, they expect to receive their files instantly and in good order. What that means, is that we have to make sure the logo design files uploaded by our designers are complete and properly prepared for handoff. 

Most of the time, checking the source files for a logo takes well under 30 seconds. We open the uploaded zip file, check the .EPS file and if everything is OK, we publish the logo on the site. 

Here are the issues that can delay your logo design submission: 

  • embedded fonts in the source file
  • the logo contains invisible artifacts
  • the EPS file has a raster image embedded
  • the text file that has the contact details of the designer is missing

Embedded fonts in the source file

The reason we ask the designers to outline the fonts when providing the logo files, is for licensing reasons. In 99.9% of the cases, the designers are not allowed to distribute a font used into a design project. We address this issue by providing free customization for the logo name.

The logo design contains invisible artifacts

The logo design process includes a lot of movement in the artwork – shapes are being created, combined, rotated and modified in a lot of ways. If a logo is more complex it has a lot of objects. In some rare cases we are talking about hundreds of objets. With all this going back and forth to create a good logo, sometimes, unwanted shapes are left in the design, usually below the visible elements of the logo. A very simple way to avoid this is to switch your the outline view in your program. By just looking at the outline of a logo you can quickly spot these unwanted artifacts and remove them.

Embedded raster images in the file

This issue usually occurs when a designer uses a different program than Adobe Illustrator. If you have created your logo with Illustrator, chances are that you will not experience this issue. That is, of course, if you did not intentionally placed raster images into your logo. A quick fix for this problem, is to check the export options in your favorite graphic program and make sure that your vector data is preserved when exporting your files.

Designer contact info are missing

It is crucial when selling your logo to include a way for the client to contact you in the future. If this contact happens, most of the time it means more paid work for the designer. On the other hand, the main reason we ask this is that in time, the client may need some help with the files and it is important that you, as a seller, will be able to provide that support when needed.

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