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What is the value of a logo?

A logo is like yourself, it is a representation of you.  The way you look and present is a true reflection of who you are.  Likewise, a logo for a business or product is a representation of that products.  It may not, like yourself, describe or display everything about you, but it is a very important starting point.  Most importantly, it is what is going to provide your customer or target market with a “first impression”.  There is no such thing as a second “first impression”.

There are a lots of sites launching regularly that offer a logo for $5.  Is this really possible?  Sure!  Just like you can buy a car to drive your clients around for $300.  It gets you from A to B, but does it do it in the style that a client would expect and therefore doesn’t give them any confidence in you or your business.  It creates the wrong first impression.

If you want to give the best first impression that you can, you need to invest properly to do it.  Why, because without a good first impression you will not succeed in promoting your business or product.

What’s the answer?  Invest properly in a high quality logo designed by an experienced and knowledgeable designer.  They know how to create the image that you are looking for in colours that will reproduce well in all forms of media, including print, web, colour, black and white.  They are the experts in their field.  They can design a logo for you that will ensure the best first impression, that will build the identity that you are aiming at and will add professionalism to your business or product.  If you are a watchmaker, you wouldn’t perform microsurgery on your children, just because you’re good at working with really small parts and tools.  You would pay the right price for a micro-surgeon.  Why take the risk.  The same should apply with a logo.  Use a professional designer, not a backyard amateur who’s real specialty is plumbing.

To find a logo that has been designed by an experienced graphics professional, check out Strong Logos.  There you will find hundreds and hundreds of logos designed by such experts.  You’ll surely find one there that suits your business or product at a price that isn’t $5 but is certainly less than what you would expect to pay to have one designed from scratch.

Remember, your business or product logo is one of your biggest assets.  Such assets are acquired through investment.  So, make sure that you get right because there’s no such thing as a “second first impression”.

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