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Bakery Logos – tasty, sweet and ready to be yours

People are fascinated by food. They eat it, talk about it, debate it and nowadays they photo the heck out of it. While most of us can and know how to enjoy a good meal, not many of us are able to actually cook something edible. For those who can, chances are that you are thinking of profiting from your skill. Maybe open a small shop, a bakery or a small fast food restaurant.

For those trying to open a bakery, I have compiled a list with bakery logos that can be used for your new venture. The list below is based on the bakery logos available for sale today (Aug 19, 2014). The availability of the logos below cannot be guaranteed because of the dynamic of the logo store.

Baked Pies an appropriate bakery logo

Bakery logo - Baked Pies

The Baked Pies logo is ideal for pie bakery or store, donut shop or store. It can also be used for a snack shack, bakery or a cake shop.

Monster Cupcake

Bakery logo - Monster Cupcake

The Monster Cupcake logo is a funny cupcake monster with lovely cherry antennaes. It is extremely suitable for a bakery shop with products for children. The friendly monster face can be easily recognized and can become a strong foundation for the corporate identity of a small shop.

Croissant and coffee logo

Bakery logo - Croissant Bakery & Cafe

If you bake stuff and serve coffee, there is no better logo to express that. It is so inviting and the croissant looks so fresh that it makes you want to live a perpetual morning. When you buy the logo, you will get it customised with your colors and company name for free.

Pie Bakery

The crust is crispy, the content is smooth, that’s what the Pie Lovers logo says when you first look at it. The color theme is appropriate for a bakery logo and the details in the logo suggest a high end product.

Cupcake Tower

Cupcake Tower Bakery Logo

A tower and lots of cupcakes. If you sell cupcakes this logo is for you. Casual yet professional looking with a good color scheme, this logo is the right choice for a small bakery shop.


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