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Skrill added as a payment option to Designers

Strong Logos are getting closer to launch now.  This means that you will be starting to sell logos and we will be starting to pay you.  Initially we were going to be using PayPal exclusively for Designer payments.  This made sense as PayPal are one of the largest and most respected merchant facility companies in the world.  Thanks to feedback received from some of our Designers, we have re-evaluated this exclusive arrangement.  It seems as though PayPal is not always the best or most preferred choice for payments in some countries.  As a result of this feedback, we have decided to also offer payments through Skrill.

Skrill has been moving money digitally since 2001 and is now one of world’s leading digital payments companies.  Currently using and trusting Skrill are over 36 million account holders sending and receiving money worldwide in 200 countries and 40 currencies.

We’ll keep you updated with other great developments at Strong Logos as they arise.  Until then, keep up the great designing.  We look forward to helping you sell lots of your logos.

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